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6 Fundamental Firearms for Prepping

6 Fundamental Firearms for Prepping

6 Best Firearms for Prepping – Where to Start…

Author:  J. Fisher

If you can legally own firearms, I believe there are 6 firearms that are fundamental to preparedness.  If you purchase these types of firearms (they are listed in order of priority), you will be able to deal with situations that any SHTF scenario may pose.  In addition, they will provide you with solid security in general home and personal defense on an everyday basis.

Types of firearms to own is a topic that baits heated debate on internet forums.   The purpose of this article is to identify the “barebones” of gun to own and not to debate the pros and cons of caliber, ammunition type and gun model.

Acquire in this order if you are just getting started:

1. Home Defense Shotgun

  • This is the first thing I would grab in my home, bar none.
  • There is no sound in the world that sounds like the “racking” of a pump action shotgun. Just the sound may deter those that are up to no good.
  • You want a 12 gauge pump action shotgun with an extended magazine that will hold more rounds of ammunition and the shortest barrel that is legal where you live.
  • I would attach a flashlight that is easily activated so you can see where you are going, if someone unwanted is present, and to avoid engaging those you love and cherish
  • Inside the house I prefer hunting or target loads – 7 ½ shot is ideal. Shot this size breaks clay targets at 40 yards.  The inside of your home is no more than 10 yards.  Anyone hit anywhere would be immobilized or worse.  7 ½ shot will be slowed significantly in passing through walls or doors for the sake of others in the home.
  • Outside the home I would load 00 buckshot (also referred to as “double aught buck”). Holding 9 pellets, this load is legal to hunt deer in many states giving it tremendous knock-down power
  • My first choice is the Remington Model 870 – the most widely produced shotgun in the world. My second, the Mossberg Model 500 or 590.  I would not buy anything else.
  • 250+ rounds 7 ½ shot; 250+ rounds 00 Buck Shot

2. Small Revolver

  • Easy to carry in a purse or pants pocket
  • Virtually fail proof – just keep pulling the trigger
  • .38 Special caliber – Ruger and Smith & Wesson are very popular
  • Many seasoned gun shop owners and retired law enforcement carry revolvers
  • Some men who wear fitted or dress slacks may choose a small .380 caliber semi-automatic pistol such as those from Ruger or Kel-Tec
  • Ammo: 100+ self-defense rounds; 300+ practice rounds

3. Grab and Go Rifle #1

  • No question – AK-47
  • The first rifle I would grab if I was running out the door.
  • The most prolific assault rifle in the world.
  • They never fail. With less than ten moving parts depending on configuration, they are easy to strip and clean, although hardly anyone ever does.
  • Ammo is the least expensive of any high power rifle.
  • Ammo: 1,000+ rounds of hollow point ammo

4. Full-Size Handgun

  • For men (or women) who can wear a holster or for around the house
  • 9mm caliber – there are many who are staunch advocates of .45 caliber, and I would not take issue for those who carry .45’s, but 9mm ammunition is more prevalent, modern self-defense rounds are very effective, and they may be easier for many to handle.
  • Glock may be the most widely owned handgun. There are many other good manufacturers.  Visit a gun store.  Most important is to buy something that fits your hand well.
  • Ammo: 200+ self-defense rounds; 1,000+ practice rounds

5.  Grab and go rifle #2

  • AR-15
  • Most gun enthusiasts have at least one – many have multiples
  • Principal battle rifle of the armed forces
  • They take more care and maintenance than the AK-47
  • Highly customizable
  • A very common gun platform for Americans
  • Ammo: 1,000+ rounds of hollow point

6. Hunting / plinking rifle #1

  • .22 LR (Long Rifle)
  • If you don’t have one – get one. They are very inexpensive
  • Ideal for small game hunting
  • Ruger Model 10-22 are far and away the most popular with a 3-9 power rimfire scope (must be a rimfire rated scope.)
  • Ammo: 1,000 minimum to 5,000+ rounds.  .22LR bullets will be a tremendous bartering medium

7. Hunting / long distance rifle –  (optional)

  • .308 Winchester chambering
  • The most common chambering in a high power rifle and used by the US government
  • Effective to 800 yards
  • Manufacturer of choice: Savage – know for accuracy
  • Requires a high quality scope
  • Ammo: 200+ hollow point hunting rounds; 500+ general purpose rounds

8. Hunting / Plinking rifle #2 – (optional)

  • Air rifle – spring or spring piston actuated
  • Uses air and small lead pellets
  • Rifle, pellets and scope are very inexpensive
  • Fun, cheap entertainment but deadly accurate on small game

Of key importance, how much do you plan on shooting, and how confident you will be able to purchase more ammunition when you need it? We are starting to see a return to normal market availability and pricing on ammunition, but any upcoming legislation could change that again.

When the last ammo shortage hit you were not able to easily find many of the most common calibers, and what was available was extremely expensive. We had the benefit of having plenty of ammo stored up so I didn’t need to purchase anymore. Had the SHTF, I already had a full stock of ammo for each of our weapons.  Make sure you stock appropriately.

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