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My Reddit AMA Emergency Preparedness Debacle

My Reddit AMA Emergency Preparedness Debacle

I recently had a colleague suggest that I post the good ol’ AMA on Reddit as the owner of an emergency preparedness company. Not that I have all of the answers, but he knows that I have not only a significant amount of resource and product knowledge, but real life post-hurricane experience.

I searched under “survival”, “preparedness” and “preppers” and posted my AMA within the forum titled “Preppers”. The forum description is as follows:  “Learning and sharing information to aid in emergency preparedness as it relates to disasters both natural and man-made. Insurance for tough times.”

I thought this forum to be most appropriate, but obviously all of the 22,597 preppers that subscribed to the forum had little or no need for additional knowledge. They must know more than I do.  In all seriousness, I am sure that many of them actually do know more about prepping than I do, but certainly not all of them.

My post: “I am an owner of an emergency preparedness company and a practical prepper. Ask me anything you would like about prepping.”

I had a few great questions and interactions, a product/pricing challenge (which I truly appreciate, because I wasn’t posting to sell anything), a fool and his “What are all of the prepper’s addresses?” idiotic remark and that was it.   A sum total of interactions with 6 people – the seventh doesn’t even count because I am pretty sure it was some hopped up 18 year old.  Not great results if you do the math as it relates to the 22,597 participant population.

Wow.  So much for the communal, share our knowledge, training and resources mentality that I love and appreciate in the prepper community.  Well, at least the prepper communities we have interacted with prior to this Reddit forum.

Then in a subsequent link I posted in the same Preppers forum about the world governments beginning to restrict citizens’ use of cash – whoa!  A string of hater accusations ensued that I was fear mongering, and in the words of one person (who later admitted that he isn’t even prepared with the basics of food, water etc.) “was a tin-foil hat conspiratist.”  And that I was trying to scare them in to buying gold – lol!  The link went to the blog on a precious metals site on which you can’t even buy a coin – no eCommerce!

I was shocked because the content of the article was well reported and documented around the world – not exactly new news, and readily known to be true.  The people that were posting responses likely never read any news sources other than relying on Reddit and it showed.  ZeroHedge and other reporting sites have seemingly never hit their screen.

The point of this post is to make sure to spend your time wisely and with others that are willing to contribute and collaborate.  I appreciate skepticism on behalf of forum users – it is wise.  I am the owner of a company that sells products for which they are prospective buyers.  But within the couple of weeks of time spent in Reddit, there seems to be a culture, or at least a sub-culture of haters and pitchforks.  Never appropriate in the prepper community.

I purpose to seek out others that have a more vast knowledge base in areas that I know I am lacking.  Find me a prepper that has it all figured out – I haven’t met one yet and I know ALOT of preppers.  We all know we can’t prep for everything, and in light of that we sometimes just need to bounce around the various “what if” situations in order to help us prioritize for what we feel is most likely or probable.

In all fairness, maybe I have just been interacting with “seasoned” preppers and this is mostly a group of newbies – or worse, cocky newbies at that. Or maybe I just expect the same level of professionalism from others.

Find some great and useful prepping sites and forums at Prepper Website:  See the link in the right sidebar.

  1. I know this is late, but I just found this site. You have to remember Reddit is 99% liberals and trolls, which is why you got push-back on the problem of restriction of cash and value of PMs. I’ve been a Redditor for a couple of years so I’m sorry I missed your AMA. Keep on truckin.

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