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Swiss 20 Francs

Swiss 20 Francs

Gold Products for Preparedness

U.S. Gold Eagle 1 Troy Ounce
U.S. Gold Eagle 1/2 Troy Ounce
U.S. Gold Eagle 1/4 Troy Ounce
South African Krugerrand 1 Troy Ounce
French 20 Franc .1867 Troy Ounce
Swiss 20 Franc .1867 Troy Ounce


Remember to prioritize liquidity, durability and utility when selecting gold and silver products for preparedness.  Why?  The reason some gold coins are relatively inexpensive is because the are illiquid.  Few people recognize them, and hence they are reticent to buy them or accept them for trade.  If you find yourself with a gold coin that no one recognizes, that coin will have far less value when you attempt to trade or use it for commerce.

The most durable gold coins are all of the coins listed because they are alloyed with copper for durability, yet they still contain the amount of gold stated.  Durability is essential for preparedness because these coins will be circulated and resist damage, allowing them to maintain their full value.

Swiss 20 Francs are what we call fractional or partial ounce gold coins. For small gold increments, these coins represent the best balance between affordability and liquidity. These coins trade in large volume all around the world. They will easily be utilized for commerce if necessary because the are recognizable and readily accepted.

All of our coins are sold directly through our sister company, Fisher Precious Metals. As a national dealer listed with the U.S. Mint, Fisher Precious Metals provides investors nationwide with gold and silver bullion products. Their list of credentials is vast: A+ Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau, Certified ISA Appraisers, Board Member for The Industry Council for Tangible Assets and amazing reviews across the internet.  Call (800) 390-8576 to talk with us about the best gold and silver products to fit your personal portfolio and preparedness needs.


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Fisher Precious Metals Client Reviews:

Lonnie B.Deerfield Beach, FL: 8/27/2014

The only Precious Metals business I trust is Fisher Precious Metals. Honesty and integrity come to mind first. John Fisher is an absolute maestro in the business of precious metals. There isn’t a person anywhere with more knowledge and expertise than John Fisher. He takes pride in doing the right thing for his client. Give Fisher Precious Metals a try and you’ll be a client for life…Guaranteed!!!

Tim C.Pompano Beach, FL: 6/27/2014

In a world of “we buy gold” storefronts with suspect valuations , it’s refreshing to find someone who offers fair prices (for both buying and selling) and objective information about the precious metals business. I have found the firm to be very honest, caring about what you want/need rather than what they can sell you and willing to educate you without any pressure to buy or sell today.

John H. – Fort Lauderdale, FL: 9/6/2013

I was a walk in with no appointment. Mr. John Fisher is very down to earth, honest, very fair and extremely knowledgeable about the world of precious metals. I look forward to doing business with him again. Highly recommended!!! A+++++

David S.Indianapolis, IN: 3/12/2012

I have been working with John Fisher of Fisher Precious Metals for two years now. John is knowledgeable, ethical and personable. He is always interested in my reason why I am or am not investing in not only precious metals, but a range of different investments. He is interested in knowing that I am diversified as well. John communicates in a timely manner to keep his clients up to date on market conditions. I recommend Fisher Precious Metals for individuals interested in investing in physical metals for diversification.

Richard H.Woodruff, SC: 2/28/2012

I came across Fisher Precious Metals by chance two years ago while looking for information on buying gold and silver. John responded to my query and called me back on his phone rather than email me. He spent a great deal of time educating me on the history of gold and silver as well as giving me good advice on how to buy, when to buy and what to buy. I have made a number of purchases through John and each one has been a pleasant experience. I trust him explicitly with any purchase. Whether you are a novice or seasoned metals buyer, you will appreciate John’s honesty and how hard he works for you.


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